Let´s Talk about Packaging!

We offer innovative, sustainable, and customized solutions delivered from molded pulp packaging to protect and preserve the characteristics and quality of your products.

Benefits of Pulp Packaging.


  • Excellent bracing, blocking and cushioning protection
  • Unaffected by extreme temperatures
  • Water resistant
  • Electrically neutral


  • Inexpensive raw material sources
  • Affordable new development costs
  • Designed to nest for reduced shipping and storage costs
  • Formed to shape –- no assembly required
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  • 100% post-industrial raw materials
  • Chemical-free pulping process
  • Open air drying (70% of the time)
  • No waste water — all water evaporates or is reused in the pulping process
  • Zero manufacturing waste –- all scraps are returned to the pulp slurry
  • Final packaging is 100% recyclable
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Coffee/Tea Tray

Edge Protector

Pulp Trays For Bottles

Fruit Pulp Pack

Medical Pulp Tray

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Pulp Industrial Pack

Pulp Molding Industrial

Medical & Scientific

Pulp End Caps

Shoe Paper Pulp

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Flexi Wrap

Laptop Packaging Tray ​​

Pulp Molding – Computers and Electronics ​

Why Choose GEPPL Products ?

  1. Decreases your carbon footprint and lowers overall shipping costs.
  2. Is static-free, denests easily, and stacks optimally to reduce necessary warehouse space.
  3. Produced in a closed-loop water recycling facility, thereby eliminating wastewater discharge and lowering energy use.
  4. Can be conveniently recycled in municipal recycling programs.
  5. Fiber material organically breaks down quickly and harmlessly, unlike EPS which releases toxic chemicals into the atmosphere and never fully breaks down.
  6. Manufactured using 100% certified recycled material.
  7. No compromises in overall strength and performance.